To qualify for a fully funded energy efficient assessment, organisations must meet at least two of the three following criteria*:

Charity based in Northamptonshire received equipment procurement support to implement their energy saving projects.

Putting the brakes on energy consumption: How Haldex Brakes found energy savings of £7,000 per year

How the Green Business Fund supported a growing SME to identify energy hotspots and take action in optimising energy consumption.

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Want an energy efficiency assessment at no cost to your business? 

No more than 250 employees

Annual turnover not in excess of £25.9m

Annual balance sheet not in excess of £12.9m

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To find out if we can help your business with a fully funded energy efficient assessment just follow this simple process:

Undergo a remote assessment with a Carbon Trust Specialist

Prepare for assessment by gathering 12 months of energy consumption data

Start making energy and cost savings for your business

Following an energy consultation, for those businesses wanting to improve their energy management practices, further support may be available through our Implementation Advice to help implement a range of energy management activities and procure the appropriate energy efficient equipment for your business.

These services are paid for by the Green Business Fund for a limited period, so get in touch today!

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"The Carbon Trust provided us with a thorough, excellent energy assessment and workable solutions for immediate and longer-term objectives for reducing our energy consumption."

Adrian Young
Young Calibration Ltd

“The Carbon Trust were able to select appropriate companies to undertake the work and review tender information. The work has been important and we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint in line with our environmental policy”

Nick Hayton
Teamwork Trust

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Do you qualify?

How does the process work?

*You must also not be more than 25% owned by an entity which does not meet the criteria.

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Could your business be saving on its energy spend?

Since 2016, the Green Business Fund has supported hundreds of small businesses identify an average saving of £8,230 on their energy spend through our fully funded energy efficiency assessments. 

Identify your organisation’s energy expenditure and key energy using systems

What does a remote energy efficiency assessment involve?


Provide the top 3 recommendations to give you the most energy saving potential

Give advice on implementation of these recommendations 


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*Average potential savings per business: 

Energy: 89,850 kWh, Cost: £8,230, CO2: 1432 tonnes

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